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Virtual Therapy for pregnant and postpartum moms in Missouri

Are you feeling sad and anxious even though you love your baby?​


Do you feel disconnected with who you were before motherhood?


Are you feeling like you are failing as a parent?

Have you ever thought: I should be...


I feel so alone as a mom, no one understands what I'm going through.

I feel like I'm drowning in responsibilities, like I can't keep my head above water.

Every month is a rollercoaster of hope and despair, like I'm trapped in this endless cycle of disappointment.

I feel like I am trapped in a never-ending cycle of fear and worry.

I wanted to be a mom so badly and now it feels like I'm failing at the one thing I'm supposed to be good at.

I'm exhausted to my core, like I'm running on fumes and there's no end in sight.

Waves of Motherhood: Therapy for Moms can stand alongside you on this journey. You do not ever have to go through it alone.

Begin surfing the waves of motherhood

through pregnancy, postpartum, toddlerhood, or whichever "wave" you are in; we got this, together!

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for Moms in Missouri

Virtual Therapy

Specialized counseling for moms:

  • Postpartum Depression

  • Postpartum Anxiety

  • Postpartum Rage

  • Infertility

  • Pregnancy

  • Miscarriage

  • General Depression & Anxiety

  • Contemplating becoming a Mother

  • Parenting

  • Infant or Child Loss

  • Single Mothers by Choice

  • Eating Disorders

Jessica Heitman, LCSW

Hey there. Welcome! I'm truly glad you're here. Therapy can feel like navigating uncharted waters, but rest assured, you're deserving of the healing journey ahead. Whether it's your first time in therapy or a familiar path, I'm here to listen and support your journey. Choosing to work together means embracing 'I matter.' Therapy for moms is about nurturing self-care, setting boundaries, cultivating direct communication, and finding joy in motherhood. Together, we'll navigate the depths, maybe even find humor in the shadows, hold space for emotions, and celebrating every victory. Email today to set up a free consultation and begin this journey together.

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You are capable of creating a life that is full of joy, compassion, fulfillment, and love.

Virtual Therapy Services Available

With virtual therapy, you never have to worry about finding childcare, hitting heavy traffic, leaving work early, scheduling the millions of things to make one hour of time for your own support, etc. You pick your private location and I’ll meet you there (virtually, of course)!

Mother and Daughter

Begin virtual therapy for moms in Missouri

Remember, taking care of yourself is essential on this journey of motherhood.

We can meet via telehealth for online therapy in Missouri

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Therapy for Moms anywhere in the state of Missouri!